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By  Stacy Drake
Store sets down deeper roots
Kristin Welch has moved her business, previously known as Being Green, to 307 Broad St. in Nevada City and renamed it Mama Madrone’s Eco-emporium. She is no stranger to moving and has embraced the opportunity to expand her offering of natural fiber, sustainably made clothing, bedding and accessories.

She, her husband, James, and their two children moved from Wisconsin in 2007 after visiting friends who had come here for Ayurveda College. The Welch’s were ready for a change and packed up the kids and relocated to Nevada City.

Kristin brought her passion for a sustainable lifestyle with her. It began in Wisconsin on their organic vegetable and fruit farm which served the Midwest with fresh produce.

She also worked as an events coordinator and merchandise buyer for a local food co-op. When Maiden Lane owners Bo and Stu Wolfsen retired from her current location, she made the move and took the opportunity to expand her store and her product line and rename it to make it her own.

“To me, the name of my business is very important. I really wanted to resonate with it. We purchased Being Green from the original owner in 2007 and felt the move was a now or never opportunity to make the change,” Kristen says. “I still have the notebook filled with names I considered when I knew we were going to move. I wanted to find a name that connected with a deeper and more sacred part of what inspires me. We have a beautiful Madrone tree on our property that has become a very special place for me, and I wanted to bring some of its essence into the shop. I also liked the image of giving it the old-time Nevada City emporium twist as well.”

Mama Madrone’s new location has been a labor of love for many local artists and carpenters as well. Virtually every detail of the store is handmade, from the FunkYard Metal Art clothes racks that look like tree limbs, Naked Tree reclaimed wood walls and racks, the Madrone countertop, the distressed paint inspired by the look of Madrone bark, and a spectacular leafless tree whose limbs spill over the counter and shop floor in majestic display.

Other items at Mama Madrone’s include fair trade gifts that support women run co-ops throughout the world, local artists, fine silver and semi-precious stone jewelry, and natural body care. Welch has expanded her clothing line to include a larger selection of baby and children’s clothing as well as more men’s and women’s apparel.

For more information, you can visit Mama Madrone’s Eco-emporium at 307 Broad St. call 530-478-1700, or find them on Facebook.
Kristin Welch has moved her business to 307 Broad St. in Nevada City and changed its name.